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The Viking Experience with the ride that inspired their hilarious name.

As part of its ongoing efforts to appeal to a younger demographic, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) introduced tonight a tag team of lovable teddybears called The Viking Experience, based on a popular children’s ride of the same name.

The Viking Experience — the duo of Ivar Bramblepatch and Erik Snugglebottom — waddled comically to the ring on Monday Night Raw, wearing hilarious headgear and the most adorable little tunics.

Named after the swinging ship ride at Kidz Funderland in Orlando, The Viking Experience promise to deliver thrills, chills and plenty of laughs.

“Yarrrrr,” said Ivar, snarling like a cartoon pirate and shaking his rosy, jowly cheeks.

“Yarrrrrr,” replied Erik, his rotund belly jiggling like a bowlful of jelly.

While many older fans might scoff at the idea of a tag team named after a children’s ride, many younger viewers at Raw in Montreal squealed with joy at the cartoonish character.

Six-year-old Kevin Peterson called the team “super-duper awesome” and his five-year-old brother Liam “fweaking adowable.”



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