A recent photo of a convict known only as Nailz, who is soon eligible for release from Cobb County Penitentiary in Georgia.

Law enforcement officers in Cobb County, GA, have expressed concern that Nailz, who is eligible for parole again next week, may still be a threat to society.

“The last time Nailz was released from prison, he obsessively stalked and attacked one of our best corrections officers,” said Cobb County Police Chief Barry Lansburg.

“Sadly, that particular officer has since passed away, but there’s no telling who Nailz will target next.”

A source inside Cobb County Penitentiary tells Kayfabe News that Nailz has become a model inmate in recent years, except for occasional outbursts during which he raves nonsensically about someone named “Vinnie Mack.”

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