trump shithole
Residents of Parts Unknown are “shocked and saddened” by Donald Trump’s vulgar description of their homeland.

A coalition of bizarre professional wrestlers have issued a statement expressing their “profound disappointment and anger” after US President Donald Trump described their homeland, Parts Unknown, as a “shithole.”

The group — the Warlord, the Barbarian, Papa Shango, The Berzerker, Ax, Smash, Kane, and several Moondogs — has demanded that Trump issue an apology, as well as finally appoint a competent US Ambassador to Parts Unknown (the post has remained vacant since the passing of the previous ambassador, The Missing Link).

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“Parts Unknown is a beautiful land with a rich history and culture, and it deserves the respect of the president and the world,” said The Berzerker at a press conference this morning.

Added the Berzerker: “Huss.”

Trump drew criticism for his use of the word “shithole” to describe a number of places, including Africa, Haiti, Parts Unknown, Dudleyville, the Fifth Dimension, and the Outer Reaches of Your Mind.

Damien Demento, a native of the latter locale, has proposed that the comments should be grounds for Donald Trump’s removal from the WWE Hall of Fame, particularly because he should never have been inducted in the first place.