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At least four men are accused of making this lewd gesture to many coworkers — and, shockingly, even toward fans.

Amid dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct at the highest levels of Hollywood and politics, new allegations have surfaced in the world of sports-entertainment, claiming that at least four men repeatedly told colleagues — male and female — to “suck it.”

If true, the accusations could shake World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to its core, as one of accused is said to now be a senior executive in the company.

Although none of the accused have yet been named, one of the accusers — who, for the sake of anonymity, asked to be identified only as T. Stratus — told the New York Times that the men are “a bunch of degenerates” who behaved like modern-day “outlaws.”

According to leaked legal documents, substantial evidence exists that the men repeatedly told colleagues — and even fans — to “get ready to suck it” while making lewd gestures toward their genital regions.

Even worse, if coworkers expressed that they were “not down with that,” the harassers replied that they had “two words” for them (implying the words “suck” and “it”).

A spokesperson for WWE has dismissed the allegations as “spurious and unfounded,” but eagle-eyed fans noticed that all footage of WWE’s so-called “Attitude Era” was quickly removed from the WWE Network.