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Robert Mueller (jnset) reportedly wants to learn more about the relationship between Rusev, and Vladimir Putin, and the American “president.”

Sources close to professional sports-entertainer Rusev, who has pledged allegiance to Russian President Vladimir Putin in the past, say the grappler is bracing himself for an indictment from Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election of WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump.

Although Trump has repeatedly dismissed the Mueller probe as a “rigged witch hunt” and a “worked shoot,” political pundits believe Rusev’s ties to both Putin and “President” Trump could be the smoking gun that demonstrates Russian collusion.

The “Spotlight” team of investigative journalists at Kaybabe News has spent the past 19 months compiling evidence linking Rusev to Trump and Putin, including:

  • During the infamous Helsinki summit, Trump reportedly asked Putin how he celebrates Rusev Day
  • Following the summit, Trump signed an executive order making Rusev Day a national holiday
  • Rusev abruptly stopped voicing his support of Russia when Donald Trump “won” the election, implying he is trying to hide his ties to the country.
  • Rusev claims to be from Bulgaria, but our research indicates there is no such place
  • Rusev’s lower-back tattoo (or “tramp stamp” — or perhaps “Trump rump”) depicts the Illuminati pyramid, indicating he is part of the secret society of reptilians who worship trump as their swine god
  • If you rearrange the letters in “Donald Trump Rusev Day,” you get “dandy ovular dumpster,” which is how Trump described Stormy Daniels in a recent interview

Rusev has declined to speak publicly on the Mueller probe, but a spokesperson insisted said Rusev is innocent of wrongdoing and will answer Mueller’s questions “any dayyyyyyyyy.”

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