wwe children's revolution
The upcoming premiere of 105 Live will feature some familiar — and adorable! — personas.

In its ongoing mission to abolish all discrimination — whether based on gender, race, or age — World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) unveiled today the roster of its so-called Children’s Revolution.

“There is no place for ageism in today’s sports-entertainment,” reads a press release, “so we have eliminated all age-based restrictions in WWE contracts.”

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The superstars of the children’s division are currently training at the WWE Performance Preschool in Orlando, and will make their debut on a new WWE Network show called “105 Live.”

According to the press release, the members of the Children’s Revolution will be “given the same respect and opportunities as all other WWE Superstars.”

To prove this point, WWE announced today that a promising star of the children’s division, Timmy “Tatertot” McGee (age 12, 97 pounds, four-foot-two) will square off at WrestleMania against Braun Strowman.