man gravity forgot
Gravity, and everyone else, has forgotten this man.

According to a recent poll of fans of professional sports-entertaining, Neville — once known and widely beloved as The Man That Gravity Forgot — has now been forgotten in general.

“Neville… Neville… is he the guy that used to be called Husky Harris?” replied one survey respondent when asked if he remembered Neville. “No, wait. Neville became Konnor of The Ascension, right?”

Although it has been barely a year since The Man That Gravity Forgot wowed fans with a high-risk aerial arsenal known within the business as “flippy-dippy stuff,” the notoriously short attention spans and memories of wrestling fans have rendered Neville practically nonexistent in the annals of WWE history.

A team of gravitational physicists issued a statement this week expressing “profound happiness” that The Man That Gravity Forgot has been forgotten, arguing that gravity — the a consequence of the curvature of spacetime due to uneven distributions of mass — is not sentient and cannot therefore “forget” anything.

According to some experts, the man formerly known as Neville is now performing under the ring name “Pac,” while others argue that Pac is portrayed by Sean Waltman.


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