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CM Punk’s telltale Pepsi sponsorship tattoo gives away his identity as the new Rey Mysterio.

In what could be a major WrestleMania spoiler, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) today published a picture that, upon close examination, shows controversial former wrestler CM Punk dressed in Rey Mysterio’s luchador mask and gear.

WWE quickly removed the image from its website after it began circulating on social media, then immediately a cryptic warning: “You saw nothing. You know nothing. #OBEY.” The tweet also contained a gif of a bright flash of light that seems to erase the short-term memory, much like the devices used by the title characters in the documentary Men In Black.

Contacted for comment on the strange image, a WWE spokesperson dressed in a dark suit and sunglasses denied any knowledge of the photograph, insisting that fans who reported seeing had actually seen an image of the planet Venus.

But Kayfabe News obtained a copy of the image from the “dark web” (the wrestling forum on Reddit), which a facial-recognition artificial intelligence algorithm has proven with 99.7 percent certainty that the man in the Mysterio mask is indeed Cedric Malcolm Pünke, better known as CM Punk.

Most wrestling fans know that the Rey Mysterio character has been portrayed by several wrestlers over the years, including Jorge Arias, Dean Roll, Eric Young and, briefly, Óscar Gutiérrez.

The mysterious image may indicate that Punk, who has only lost two matches in his entire UFC career, is officially returning to WWE as the high-flying master of The 619 (which, according to Wikipedia, has recently been renamed The 312 — a possible homage to the area code of downtown Chicago).



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