big cass
Big Cass never quite fulfilled his potential with the “Andy” character from Tough Enough.

Colin Cassidy — better known as Big Cass — is now one of the top Superstars in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but some people forget that he learned the ropes as a contestant named “Andy” on the 2011 season of Tough Enough.

As “Andy,” Cassidy outlasted 13 other contestants (including runner-up Luke Robinson, who later landed a WWE contract as Dash Wilder).

To win the prize, Cassidy had to endure gruelling training drills, the intimidation of host Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the ever-present odor of Bill DeMott’s chronic flatulence.

The “Andy” gimmick failed to catch on with WWE viewers, however, and¬†Cassidy was released from the company faster than Kizarny.

Cassidy then took a couple of years to hone his craft, grow his hair longer, learn how to become seven feet tall (which, contrary to popular opinion, can be taught), align himself with a hyperactive troll doll, and change his name to Big Cass.

He is not the first former Tough Enough winner to return to WWE under a new moniker; others include:

  • Maven, now known as Jason Jordan
  • Nidia, now known as JoJo
  • John Morrison, now known as Elias
  • Daniel Puder, now known as Alexa Bliss (long story)

According to rumors, WWE is launching a new spin-off show called Tough Enough Junior, in hopes of finding talent for the company’s new 12-and-under division.