lone wolf big dog
Witnesses who saw the big dog and lone wolf scuffle said it was “uninteresting.”

In what appeared to be a territorial battle for dominance over a yard, a lone wolf today mounted and humped the hind quarters of a big dog today.

“Hoooahhhh,” howled the big dog, which had been roamin’ around the yard amid afternoon rains when the lone wolf came bearin’ down on him.

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At first, the big dog just seemed slightly anoa’ied by the lone wolf’s presence, but became agitated when he realized that other members of his pack were not there to shield him.

Both canines attempted to mark their territory by urinating in the yard, even though the yard still officially belongs to a large black dog named Calaway.

After a brief scuffle, the big dog and the lone wolf limped off their separate ways, both apparently resigned to the fact that the yard will never belong to either of them.


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