lesnar uber
Brock Lesnar (driving) says his favorite part of driving uber is the social aspect: “I just love meeting new people.”

Brock Lesnar, the former champion pro wrestler and mixed martial artist, has reportedly squandered all his earnings from prizefighting and is now driving an Uber in the area of rural South Dakota where he grew up.

Despite becoming the first an only person in history to hold championships in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and UFC (Unbelievable Fake Combat), Lesnar is now living in a one-room apartment above an closed-down Blockbuster, according to a source who asked to be identified only as Paul E.

Lesnar once earned seven-figure paydays for his high-profile matches against stars like The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, and even Maven, but now he ekes out a living wage driving strangers around and selling nudes on his OnlyFans page.

It is unclear how Lesnar managed to lose his fortune, but according to one rumour he gave all his money to a travelling salesman in exchange for a packet of magic beans that Lesnar believes will help him become a real human boy.

Lesnar was recently spotted at a Legends of Wrestling Reunion event in Delaware, where he signed a few autographs but was outshined by the top draw of the event, Rapmaster P.N. News.

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