Believe it or not, Heidenreich (left) was not a founding member of the Legion of Doom.

The Legion of Doom are remembered as one of the most feared, hard-hitting tag teams in pro wrestling history, but most fans don’t realize that Heidenreich was not a founding member, and Animal previously tagged with a partner named “Hawk.”

Little is known about Hawk, who was vastly overshadowed by his successor, but some wrestling historians believe Hawk may have helped develop what would become the team’s signature brawling style back when the team performed in NWA as “The Street Warriors.”

During his brief in-ring career with animal, Hawk even developed a catch-phrase, which — depending upon whom you ask — was either “Wow, that’s a rush!” or “Well, what a Russian!” It is generally believed that “Hawk” was portrayed by¬† journeyman wrestler Barry Darsow (also known as Repo Man, Crusher Blackwell, Golga, and Kerwin White)

Another little-known fact: although Sunny is the manager most famously and successfully associated with the Legion of Doom, they were originally managed by Paul Ellering (yes, the guy from the Authors of Pain! Crazy, right?).

The Legion of Doom are not the only tag team to have undergone personnel changes before hitting the big time. Did you know that, prior to Crush, there was a member of Demolition called Ax? And that before Leif Cassidy helped the New Rockers skyrocket to stardom, Marty Jannetty tagged with a person named Sean “Diddy” Michaels?

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