Kofi Kingston elimination
Kofi Kingston is planning a double-leg amputation to avoid elimination from Sunday’s Royal Rumble.

Hoping to continue his annual tradition of creatively avoiding elimination from the Royal Rumble match, popular professional wrestler Kofi Kingston has chopped off both of his feet.

Because a competitor can only be eliminated from the Royal Rumble by being thrown over the top rope such that both feet hit the arena floor, Kingston has essentially made himself impossible to eliminate.

In previous Royal Rumble matches, Kingston has earned big cheers from the audience by walking on his hands, and pogo-hopping on a commentator’s chair, to keep his feet off the ringside floor.

Hoping to “up the ante” this year, Kingston spent 30 excruciating minutes today using a hacksaw to amputate his legs just above the knee.

Despite the near-fatal blood loss and searing pain, Kingston says he is happy with the drastic measure.

The technique may backfire, however, as Chris Jericho¬†found Kingston’s severed feet in a backstage garbage bin and intends to simply throw them on the floor during the match.


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