John Cena pretends to be hurt in order to bolster the self-esteem of l’il Kevin Owens.

In one of his most selfless acts of charity to date, professional wrestler John Cena granted a very special Make-A-Wish request for Kevin Owens, allowing the scrappy underdog to “defeat” him at Sunday’s Elimination Chamber event.

“I just really wanted to brighten the kid’s day, you know?” said Cena after the match, during which he let Owens throw him around for a while and then pin him.

Added Cena: “It was so rewarding for me to see his chubby little face light up with glee — that makes it all worthwhile.”

Cena is respected around the world for his tireless work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and admits he “couldn’t say no” when asked by Owens’ parents if he would fulfil the NXT champ’s special wish.

“Kevin has always dreamed of being a WWE Superstar like his hero, John Cena, but he never really had the body for it,” said mother Delores Owens. “I just wanted him to feel like he achieved his dream, even if just for a temporary charade.”

Although Make-A-Wish recipients are typically quite ill, an exception was made for Owens because it is generally assumed that, as a heavyset man who frequently moonsaults, he’ll wind up in a wheelchair sooner or later.