jeff jarrett hall of fame
Jeff Jarrett’s history of lip-syncing dates all the way back to the 1995 hit single “With My Baby Tonight.”

Fans of professional wrestling are abuzz today with the news that Jeff Jarrett will deservedly enter the WWE Hall of Fame (first reported by Kayfabe News last week), but the induction may not be what it seems, as rumors have surfaced that Jarrett’s speech will actually be orated The Roadie.

Leaked documents indicate that Jarrett will lip-sync a pre-recorded speech by a longtime associate — known variably by the aliases Brian Girard James, BG James, The Road Dogg, The Roadd Doggg, Dark Secret, Victoria’s Secret, Jesse James, and the little-known Conquistador #9 — before Jarrett smashes an acoustic guitar on the podium.

It would not be the first time The Roadie has handled vocal duties for Jarrett. In 1995, it was revealed that the Roadie, not Jarrett, actually sang the hit song “With My Baby Tonight,” for which Jarrett won two Grammys, three Country Music Awards, five Slammy Awards, and the Nobel Peace Prize.

In fact, it is widely believed that The Roadie has been the behind-the-scenes voice of some of the most iconic speeches and songs of the past several decades.

Though these have not yet been proven, evidence suggests The Roadie performed Achy Breaky Heart (attributed to Billy Ray Cyrus, Mefistofele (attributed to Placido Domingo), and the 2017 American presidential inauguration speech (attributed to WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump, and delivered to a live audience of 9 billion).

Jarrett himself has publicly dismissed the rumors as “S-I-Double-L-Y” and “I-N-C-O-Double-R-E-C-T.”