wrestling fan
“What a fun, inconsequential diversion,” said Quinn.

Insisting that it is “just a silly diversion and nothing to take too seriously,” idiotic wrestling “fan” Darryl Quinn of San Diego watched all three hours of WWE Monday Night Raw this week without even a trace of the jaded contempt or cynical entitlement commonplace among true fans.

Quinn, 27,  has the audacity to call himself a fan of WWE despite never having ranted on social media about “lazy booking,” “buried talent,” “boycott WWE” or the other rallying cries of real wrestling fandom.

“Pro wrestling is a hoot!” says the dimwit. “It’s like a Vaudeville variety show with larger-than-life characters and silly storylines — just the kind of kooky diversion we need from the troubles of the real world.”

Quinn actually has the gall to enjoy WWE programming at face value, temporarily suspending disbelief and enjoying its athletic morality plays, rather than dissecting and critiquing every aspect of the product.

Although Quinn once wrote a post in an online wrestling forum “enjoyed every extravagant, spectacular moment” of the last WrestleMania, he was quickly banned for violating the forum’s rules against unfettered positivity.