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Todd McCutcheon does not share on social media how often his internet searches include the term “nip slip”

Although on social media he professes to be a progressive wrestling fan who believes “the women of WWE deserve the same respect as the men,” 27-year-old Todd McCutcheon also spends much of his online searching the internet for imagery of female wrestlers’ accidentally bare bosoms.

During the recent WWE Royal Rumble event, McCutcheon tweeted that is is “sooo great to see women with there (sic) own Rumble match,” he then spent a solid 17 minutes scouring the internet for a high-resolution image of a wardrobe malfunction that may have partially revealed the right nipple of one of the match’s participants.

McCutcheon, a self-described “smart mark” and sandwich artist from Oklahoma City, was among the earliest adopters of the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance several years ago, even though he referred to women’s matches as “bathroom breaks” just weeks earlier.

Despite his pro-women posturing on social media, his Google search history reveals a different philosophy, with terms including:

  • “Asuka waering (sic) only the mask”
  • “Lita and Edge sex celebration oops”
  • “Nia Jax sexy boots pics”
  • “Finn Balor abs baby oil”

McCutcheon also claims online to be a “huge fan of the Bullet Club,” despite never having actually seen the faction perform.

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