cm punk
Interesting fact: CM Punk’s “Luchasaurus” mask was made by the same person as The Fiend mask worn by Bo Dallad.

Controversial sports entertainer Cedric Montgomery “CM” Punk made headlines when he abruptly quit wrestling seven years ago, but his re-entry into wrestling was barely noticed since he reinvented himself as jurassic powerhouse Luchasaurus. 

During his hiatus from pro wrestling, Punk transitioned to the UFC, where he only lost two fights in his whole career. Following UFC Punk switched his attention to water polo, playing on Team USA during their gold-medal win the 2018 Pan-Am Games in Rio De Janeiro. 

Punk briefly performed the lead role in an off-Broadway production of The Vagina Monologues, to mixed reviews, before deciding the time was right to give wrestling one more try. 

Punk wanted a fresh start, unburdened by the baggage that would come along with resurrecting his old character, so he came up with the idea of a prehistoric wrestling dinosaur because it had “never been done before.” 

To research and prepare for the new role, Punk “watched Jurassic Park, like, four times times,” and watched most of the movie Nacho Libre. 

Keen-eyed viewers can tell Luchasaurus is actually Punk due to his distinctive tattoos, like the Pepsi logo on his upper left arm, and the Nike “swoosh” on his penis. 


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