goldberg mcintyre
Goldberg (left) says he “eats little turds like Drew McIntyre for breakfast.”

Legendary sports-entertainer Goldberg is making his long-awaited return to the WWE ring this weekend to face Drew McIntyre — and Goldberg says he is “hungrier than ever” to eat up WWE’s toughest talent. 

“I’m going to pummel that kilted Scotsman into haggis!” ranted Goldberg as he stomped around in search of McIntyre backstage at Raw. “And when I’m done chewing him to pieces, feed me anyone you’ve got!” 

Goldberg was so enraged during the encounter backstage that he lowered his signature singlet straps, which, as everyone knows, significantly increases a wrestler’s power

Goldberg is best known for his undefeated streak in WCW programming during the so-called Monday Night Wars. 

Prior to WCW, Goldberg (real name Ryan Reeves) played professional football, beginning with the Los Angeles Rams and then an illustrious career with the Orlando Rage.

Prior to football, he played baseball during his freshman year at the Community College of Southern Nevada, but broke his leg and missed two seasons (an injury that also contributed to his unusual stomp-like gait). 

The rivalry between Goldberg and McIntyre has been brewing for several years. They were scheduled to face one another at a WWE Live Event at Owlerton Stadium in England, but the match was scrapped when WWE opted to skip Sheffield. 

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