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The joke, you see, is that we used a picture of Ryback, who physically resembles Goldberg in numerous ways. It is funny, because they are actually different people! Ha ha, haha. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article is copy-pasted verbatim from a “real” wrestling news site.* The only thing we changed is that we used a picture of Ryback. Because they look somewhat alike! Hilarity ensues. 

WWE is getting back on the road and that means they will need bigger names to bring back live fans

This will likely include Becky Lynch, because she is slated to be at Money in the Bank. Another big name is also expected.

The company has several part-timers that they can call, and it looks like Vince McMahon picked up the phone yet again. Now Goldberg is coming back sooner than anyone previously thought. He is also going for Bobby Lashley’s WWE Title.

According to a report from Fightful Select, Goldberg is also on his way back to WWE. Those were the plans as of Thursday afternoon and he will be there on Monday. This will likely see him in a SummerSlam match against Lashley, but it wasn’t specifically noted it will be for a title.

WWEs** plan was for Bill Goldberg to return on Monday’s RAW and to set up an eventual match with Bobby Lashley, targeted for Summerslam.

Goldberg** is contracted for two matches a year, and he competed at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Now he will likely use that second match at SummerSlam. where he will take on the All Mighty. We will have to see if that means Goldberg will be WWE Champion after the August 21st event.

*The only change we made is adding swapping in a photo of Ryback. Get it?! They look alike! It’s very-low-hanging fruit! Ha ha ha. 

**Remember it’s funny, because we used a picture of Ryback, but the story is about Goldberg!!!! Hahahaha! OK, now we’re milking it.

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