Ric flair roman reigns
Ric Flair (left) says he has a “lot of gas left in the tank,” which his family says is a digestive ailment.

Legendary professional wrestler and styler/profiler Ric Flair told reporters at a press conference this morning that he will come out of retirement to face Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. 

Flair, 87, recently re-retired (again) after coming out of retirement again to have “one last match” again — and now he’s ready for one last “last match” for the gold before re-re-retiring for good — until the next match. 

The former 16-time World Champion says he can “make it 17” if he is given a shot against Reigns, who has held the Universal Championship for a record-breaking 9,783 days.

Flair then tried to holler his trademark “woo,” but suffered a phlegmy coughing fit and had to sit down.

Reigns has not yet responded publicly to Flair’s challenge, leading some pundits and fans to speculate that Reigns knows he could never beat a veteran as experienced as The Nature Boy.  

Sources close to Reigns, however, say the Tribal Chief has his sights set on a dream match with Terry Funk, who recently celebrated his landmark 100th return from retirement. 



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