The annual Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranking of the world’s best 500 wrestlers, the PWI 500, is always a subject of debate and argument, but this year’s incarnation is the most controversial yet with its rating of Roman Reigns in 472nd place. 

Given that Reigns has been the most dominant champion in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) over the past several years, his poor ranking on the PWI 500 has drawn ire from fans and pundits alike. 

“Roman Reigns is obviously in the top 100 — if not the top 65 — pro wrestlers working in North America,” wrote veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler in his Pro Wrestling Surveyor newsletter. 

Reigns is not the only wrestler whose placement on the list has sparked controversy: 

  • Baron Corbin is ranked #2
  • Seth Rollins failed to make the list for the fourth year running
  • Numbers 46 through 72 are all Mad Man Pondo

CM Punk was originally ranked number 7, but he was removed from the list after “shoving” PWI columnist Matt Brock at the magazine’s newsroom.


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