CM Punk landsberg
CM Punk (right) was was “super-friendly and humble,” reported the shocked interviewer.

Former professional wrestler and recent UFC signee CM Punk shocked viewers of a popular sports talk show when he suddenly began exuding an affable air of unpretentious charm.

“It’s really great to be here, so thanks for the opportunity,” Punk said, which clearly rattled interviewer Michael Landsberg of Canadian chat show Off the Record, who was justifiably expecting Punk to be his usual combative, smarmy self.

“I don’t get to meet all my fans face-to-face, so I love having a forum like this on which to express my gratitude for their loyal support,” Punk added, to the great astonishment of everyone watching.

Landsberg stammered nervously during a follow-up question, but Punk neither rolled his eyes dismissively nor took a drawn-out, vainglorious swig of coffee.

Viewers were unanimously befuddled by Punk’s odd behavior, given his prior track record of treating media interviews like a laborious chore to appease morons who are beneath him.

The 15-minute interview carried on with Punk and answering — without obvious disdain, sarcasm or ego — any questions the interviewer asked.

“I try not to take myself to0 seriously,” chuckled Punk.

It is believed that Punk was suffering from a high fever, and will resume his usual holier-than-thou grandiloquence soon.