Montreal screwjob
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tunney called the decision “an important step toward reconciliation.”

One of the most flagrant abuses of executive power in professional wrestling history, the so-called Montreal Screwjob, has been overturned by Canada’s highest court, declaring Bret Hart the victor of a controversial match. 

The nine judges on Canada’s Supreme Court — three conservatives, three liberals, a libertarian, Wayne Gretzky, and a beaver — overturned the previous decision, declaring that Hart was “unconstitutionally and illegally screwed” when he allegedly tapped-out to rival Shawn Michales in 1997. 

Chief Justice Gord Menderchuk wrote in a majority decision that Hart was “the direct result of flagrant meddling, collusion and corruption orchestrated by WWE chief Vincent Kennedy McMahon.”

The new ruling reverses the outcome of the match, and all historical records must be updated to show Hart, not Michaels, as the winner. 

The decision has caused outrage among pro-screwjob lobbyists, however, who insist that the incident was the moment of “conception” for the Attitude Era and must therefore be considedered sacred. 

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