Orton cast
After suffering a beatdown from Kane, Bob Orton's left arm will need to be in a cast for the foreseeable future.

The cold-blooded backstage attack by Kane on “Cowboy” Bob Orton left the veteran wrestler with a broken arm that will require a cast for at least a few years.

Though a broken arm typically heals in about six weeks, doctors say Orton’s forearm will require a much, much longer rehabilitation period.

“The bones in Mr. Orton’s arm are very unusual,” said WWE medic Dr. Bob Ponovich. “It seems his body cannot produce marrow and calcium at a normal rate, drastically slowing the healing process.”

The injury is particularly devastating to Orton because he suffered a similar injury in the early 1980s, which resulted in an extremely long healing period. Courageously, he continued to wrestle with the injury.

Dr. Ponovich says Orton’s case is unusual, but not unprecedented: “I remember a similar case with Iron Mike Sharpe,” he said.