Empress of tomorrow
Asaka has been forced to return to the empire over which she rules with her husband, the Emperor of Tomorrow (inset).

In the midst of an undefeated streak that has established her as one of the most dominant women in WWE history, Asuka has suddenly left World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after being summoned back to her home empire by the all-powerful Emperor of Tomorrow.

The Empress of Tomorrow was whisked away from a recent WWE live event by an envoy of the Emperor, a beefy samurai named Lord Tensai, who transported Asuka via chariot to Tomorrow, a small and mysterious island empire east of Japan.

The sudden departure strikes a serious blow to the women’s division of WWE, the fate of which will now rest entirely on the shoulders of its second-most dominant personality, JoJo.

Little is known about the Emperor of Tomorrow, nor the mysterious empire over which he rules (except that it lies in an otherwise uninhabited time zone 24 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time).

Although Asuka’s status of Empress affords her great power and wrestling prowess, she is second-in-command to the Emperor, who is said to conquer enemy nations by throwing salt in their eyes and spewing green mist into their faces.


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