cole shiavone
Tony Shiavone (left) played dirty during the so-called Monday Night Wars, and Michael Cole’s son Adam (right) is out for revenge.

After years of meticulous planning, professional sports-entertainer Adam Cole this week finally succeeded this week in confronting Tony Schiavone — the former WCW play-by-play man who battled for ratings in the “Monday Night War” against Adam’s dad, WWE commentator Michael Cole. 

Adam has been seeking vengeance against Schiavone practically his whole life, after seeing Schiavone’s sarcastic “that’ll put butts in seats” spoiler quip about Mick Foley winning the WWE championship in 1999. 

Schiavone and Michael Cole have been professional rivals for decades, and reportedly despise one another to this day. 

Michael Cole trained his son to wrestler, which is why Adam Cole’s wrestling style so closely resembles the Lawler-versus-Cole match at WrestleMania Twentywhatever. 

This past week, Cole joined AEW (American Extreme Wrestling) as part of his life-long quest to avenge the disrespect Schiavone has shown toward the elder Cole.

A Cole-vs-Cole-on-a-Pole match is tentatively scheduled for AEW Quadruple or Nothing this winter. 



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