PPV review WWE
A wrestling enthusiast provides a webcam review of what he mistakenly calls a "paper view."

A new survey released today indicates that approximately 62 per cent of professional wrestling fans mistakenly believe monthly events are called “paper views,” not pay-per-views.

“This is a rather shocking result, given that World Wrestling Entertainment and similar companies have been producing pay-per-views for roughly two decades,” said Leo Kendall, a spokesperson for InfoStream Polling, the company that conducted the survey.

“You’d think people would have figured it out by now.”

A Google search for the term “WWE Paper Views” yields more than 13.7 million hits, while a search for the correct “WWE pay-per-views” turns up a mere 8.1 million.

The same Google searches also turned up a large number of blog posts, tweets and Facebook chatter suggesting that “WWE should make paper views available for free.”