Midgets (or Wee Folk, to use the current politically correct term) have been professional wrestling since the earliest days of the sport, delighting fans with adorable antics such as biting the buttocks of referees, scuttling under the ring, and getting flattened by King Kong Bundy.

But the career of a typical midget wrestler is fleeting, since their appeal wanes when they begin their inevitable growth into full-sized humans.

Here’s what some great midget wrestlers of the past look like now.


El Torito

The horny little sidekick of Los Matadores thrilled audiences with his bullish in-ring abilities, and now he is a bulky hybrid man who earns his living guarding a mythical labyrinth.





This l’il leprechaun rose to notoriety in WWE as Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son and the Anonymous Raw General Manager. Nowadays, standing six-foot-six, he is a tour guide at Ireland’s Blarney Stone.


Mini GoldustĀ 

In the mid-1990s, Mini Goldust bulked up on ICO PRO, becoming the full-sized star he remains to this day.

Max Mini

Remember the pint-sized powerhouse from the Attitude Era? Bet you didn’t know that the man under the mask was Leati Joseph Anoa?i, who, following his growth spurt, would go on to become none other than the “Big Dog” Roman Reigns!



Following his in-ring career, Dink moved to Manhattan, became a real estate mogul, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and eventually became President of the United States. Apart from his size and attire, he hasn’t changed a bit!