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Zack Ryder planning to watch WrestleMania via illegal stream


Zack Ryder intends to maintain his status of “Internet Champion” by watching WrestleMania illegally on the internet.

Professional wrestler Zack Ryder is looking forward to WrestleMania 29, but figures he’ll save himself a few bucks by just streaming it illegally.

Ryder is feeling disgruntled because he hasn’t been asked to perform on the annual wrestling spectacle, so he doesn’t want to support World Wrestling Entertainment by purchasing it on pay-per-view.

“I looked at how much it would cost and it’s 70 bucks,” Ryder told Kayfabe News.

“I was, like, are you serious, bro?!”

Ryder spent much of his morning in online wrestling forums, under the username  “InternetChamp,” asking users where to find the a reliable stream of the event.

In one forum, he insisted that he doesn’t condone breaking the law, but can’t afford pay-per-view prices because “I only get paid minimum wage.”


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