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WWE’s “New Era” suspiciously similar to Ring of Honor’s “2009 Era”

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Is WWE’s New Era somewhat derivative of Ring of Honor circa 2009? You be the judge.

Although it is being touted as a revolutionary paradigm shift for sports-entertainment, WWE’s so-called “New Era” bears some peculiar resemblances to the “2009 Era” of Ring of Honor (ROH).

A careful analysis of the “New Era” talent roster suggests that WWE might be inspired by — if not outright plagiarizing — ROH personalities and storylines from seven years ago.

You may dismiss this notion as a paranoid conspiracy theory, but look at the evidence:

  • Kevin Owens looks remarkably similar to retired ROH star Kevin Steen, who now runs a zoo in Australia
  • Cesaro is practically a mirror image of ROH mainstay Claudio Castagnioli, although the latter would never have considered wearing a tear-away tuxedo
  • Sami Zayn has a similar body type and ring style as El Generico, despite being Canadian instead of Mexican
  • AJ Styles is a Ring of Honor alum, who later had a long tenure with Nashville-based TNA (Tits’N’Ass) Wrestling
  • Kalisto is obviously Chris Hero under a mask
  • Roman Reigns was a top star in Ring of Honor under the ring name “Tyler Black”

According to sources within WWE, the company plans to launch a “Newer Era,” which will feature baby-versus-baby action.


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