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WWE wrestler’s children enjoy their annual “afternoon with daddy”

Big show kids 300x251 WWE wrestler’s children enjoy their annual afternoon with daddy The young children of professional wrestler Paul “Big Show” Wight were delighted this past weekend their father returned from his endless travels for the family’s once-a-year “afternoon with daddy.”

Wight arrived home just before noon, having taken the red-eye from Philadelphia to Tampa following a 364-day WWE tour of North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Though he was groggy from jetlag and sore from the cramped airline seats that can barely withstand his oversized frame, Wight took his children for a picnic in a park before packing his bags and heading back to the airport in order to reach Los Angeles for the next day’s Raw broadcast.

“Kids grow up so fast,” Wight lamented to his limo driver. “Especially when your job only allows to see them once a year.”

Wight hopes to attend the 16th birthday party of his youngest daughter, who is currently eight.


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