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WWE vows to reveal Smackdown results several weeks before Smackdown tapings

Del Rio title

WWE announced today that Alberto Del Rio won the World Title on a yet-to-air Smackdown, and said it will continue providing spoilers before future episodes of Smackdown are even taped.

In order to beat other wrestling news sites to the punch, it was announced today that WWE.com will begin publishing Smackdown spoilers four weeks before the shows are even taped.

“If people want spoilers, we’ll give them spoilers!” said WWE Chairman Vince McMahon at a press conference this morning. “We’ll spoil everything!”

McMahon said none of the wrestling “dirtsheets” will be able to able to keep up with WWE.com, because the company will publish results of matches long before the matches actually happen.

“Our creative team is working around the clock to spoil ever match, and then ensure those matches unfold exactly as predicted,” said McMahon.

To launch the new initiative, WWE announced the results for the Feb. 1 edition of Smackdown:

– Randy Orton delivers a slow, methodical in-ring diatribe

– Heath Slater suffers embarrassing defeat despite assistance from members of 3MB

– Hornswoggle and The Great Khali have humorous backstage disagreement

– Tamina defeats Layla, or maybe the other way around — doesn’t really matter

– Raw recap, commercial, Raw recap, commercial, Raw recap

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