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WWE unveils new SmackDown logo in Comic Sans font

Smackdown logo

The new SmackDown logo is, compared to the new Raw logo, not that bad.

As part of its ongoing visual refresh and brand split, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has unveiled a new logo for SmackDown Live — this time in bold Comic Sans font.

The new off-white Smackdown logo was revealed just days after the new logo for Raw — a blocky red wordmark that evokes Cold War Soviet propaganda — was released to an underwhelming fan response.

Sources within WWE reveal that both logos were designed by Brandi McCready, an 18-year-old graphic design student from Stamford Community College, who is doing an unpaid summer internship at WWE’s corporate headquarters.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reportedly fired the company’s longtime graphic designer during a recent fit of rage, drunk with power and ICOPRO smoothies.

Most full-time WWE staff are currently on summer holidays, meaning most jobs are being done by interns — including, obviously, the writers.


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