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WWE Network launches Chinese cooking show “Wok With Elias”

walk with elias

Elias Samson prepares his famous Chicken Balls Mahoney.

Popular singer-songwriter and occasional professional wrestler Elias Samson will showcase his culinary talents in an upcoming program on the WWE Network titled “Wok With Elias.” 

The title of the show is based on Samson’s catch-phrase, “Who wants to wok with Elias?” (a nod to his Chinese heritage, although some idiotic fans have misconstrued the phrase as invitation “walk” with Elias, which is silly). 

The first season of the show will feature Samson preparing exotic Asian dishes including:

  • Jimmy Wang Yang Chow Fried Rice
  • Crossface Chicken Wings
  • Kung Pao Chicken a la Rock
  • Prawn Michaels
  • Hot and Don’t-You-Dare-Be-Sour Soup
  • CM Pork 
  • Shark Fin Balor Soup
  • Steamed Broccoli Lesnar
  • Jumbo Tsuruta Shrimp
  • Great Khaliflower 

According to the press release, Samson will provide musical interludes while members of the studio audience taste his dishes, and then select one lucky audience member to have a guitar smashed over his or her head. 


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