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WWE to join Trump’s attack on mainstream media with Fake News Barrett

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Wade Barrett will debut tonight with an attack on “the failing New York Times.”

A leaked script reveals that tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw will feature the debut of a nefarious heel who echoes US President Donald Trump’s castigation of the mainstream media, Fake News Barrett.

The character will be portrayed by Wade Barrett, who will be hoisted aloft in a specially outfitted cherrypicker to deliver vitriolic denouncements of what he calls the “lamestream media.”

“I’m afraid I’ve got some fake news,” Barrett will say, before launching into a weekly diatribe about media outlets that don’t parrot White House propaganda.

The script continues: “The failing New York Times is so desperate and fake, it is reporting that Donald Trump is unqualifed, narcissistic and dangerous.” Then, with the bang of a gavel, he will declare: “Sad.”

Barrett will launch similar attacks on respected news outlets that Trump has dismissed as “fake” — The Guardian, BBC, The Washington Post, Kayfabe News — and praise “real” news sites like Brietbart, Fox News, and your reclusive uncle’s angry blog.

It is expected that Barrett continue the gimmick until WrestleMania or until Trump is impeached — whichever comes first.













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