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WWE App poll reveals 83 percent of fans doubt legitimacy of WWE App polls

WWE poll

A recent WWE App poll undermined its own legitimacy.

A new poll conducted today on World Wrestling Entertainment’s smartphone application (or “WWE App”) suggests that the vast majority of WWE fans doubt the veracity of such polls.

More than 80 percent of fans answered in the negative when polled as to whether they should trust WWE poll results — including the result of that specific question, which poses a unique paradox.

“After a lifetime of watching WWE, I just don’t believe anything about anything anymore,” tweeted one fan.

In a subsequent poll, a whopping 97 percent answered that they do not trust anything they see on WWE programming, read on the WWE website, or believe might be vaguely associated with WWE.

“I mean, was Kane really burned as a child or not?” commented another observer, who identified himself only as D. Meltzer. “Was Hornswoggle really the anonymous GM? Did Sheamus seriously just become champion again? None of it makes any sense.”

A statement issued by WWE, which was posted on WWE.com and the WWE App, said that such concerns are “completely unfounded.”

When observed¬†through special sunglasses that once belonged to Roddy Piper, the statement continued: “OBEY.”


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