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Wrestling fans worldwide demand more backstage Authority skits

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A recent survey conducted by WWE shows that 92 percent of wrestling fans wish Raw was nothing but three hours of Authority segments.

Fans of professional wrestling around the world have united in a campaign to pressure WWE into delivering more of what they truly want: backstage skits featuring The Authority.

The hashtag #AuthoritySkitRevolution trended globally on Twitter for much of this week, as fans expressed their passion for scripted segments featuring corporate executives in formalwear conniving and bossing people around.

The Authority — Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Stephanie McMahon, and Kane — are considered the hottest attraction in pro wrestling since the York Foundation of WCW.

The skits, which unfold in a peculiar “office” setting decorated with burgundy curtains and WWE posters, typically draw the highest ratings of any Raw segments, according to a statement issued today by The Authority.

While fans enjoy watching Authority skits on TV, that experience pales in comparison to the thrill of attending a Raw event, because there’s nothing better than paying good money to watch a big screen with arena full of smelly people.

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