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Wrestling fans shocked to learn Undertaker ages normally

Undertaker recent photo

Wrestling fans — who are almost unanimously in terrible physical shape — say the Undertaker looks in bad shape in this recent photo.

Fans of professional wrestling around the world were stunned this week to discover that The Undertaker, a popular longtime grappler in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), ages at the rate of a normal human being.

“Man, ‘Taker is starting to look old,” remarked one stunned fan, as if he expected the wrestler to be somehow exempt from the passage of time.

The Undertaker, it should be noticed, actually looks remarkably well for a man who is just three months shy of his 50th birthday.

Until recent photos of him surfaced, however, the majority of wrestling fans evidently believed he was some kind of ageless supernatural entity, demonstrating their inability to distinguish an onscreen character from the man who portrayed it.

“Undertaker looks like crap,” tweeted a morbidly obese fan with a spotty complexion and a prominent cold sore. “He needs to take better care of himself.”

It remains to be seen whether the Undertaker will compete at the annual WrestleMania event this spring, though the bigger mystery is whether Brock Lesnar will decide to show up.


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