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Wrestling fans launch “Get well soon” campaign for flipped ambulance

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That ambulance has a family, bah gawd.

Wrestling fans worldwide are distraught over the heinous attack Monday by Braun Strowman, and are united in their outpouring of sympathy and support Strowman’s victim, the helpless ambulance he viciously flipped. 

The hashtags #PrayForAmbulance and #GetWellSoonAmbulance are trending globally, and a group of loyal fans has started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise the money needed for the ambulance to receive a new driver’s-side mirror and a coat of paint.

WWE has officially condemned Strowman’s attack, stating in a news release that it was “an unconscionable act” that Strowman “will pay for after we get a repair estimate from a reliable body shop.”

The ambulance wasn’t the only victim of Strowman’s brutality. His path of destruction included:

  • the senseless destruction of a perfectly good catering table
  • the callous denting of a garage door
  • the ramming of an innocent metal crate into some guy’s head

According to backstage sources, Strowman will square off at Payback against the ambulance in, fittingly, an ambulance match. 





























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