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Will this WrestleMania be the last one ever?

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Does it count as “breaking news” if we have no verified information? In wrestling journalism it does!

Is WrestleMania, the annual sports-entertainment spectacular by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), coming to an end after the next event in Texas?

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has been tight-lipped on the subject, neither confirming nor denying suggestions that the 32nd instalment of WrestleMania will also be its swan song.

Nor has WWE made any official announcement regarding the discontinuation of WrestleMania on its website, which only fuels speculation that some big changes are happening behind the scenes.

Members of the WWE roster are likewise unanimously mum on the subject¬†— possibly because they have been instructed to remain hush-hush on penalty of firing, or possibly because they have not yet been apprised of any such plans.

At a recent WWE shareholders meeting, however, McMahon did allude to “exciting things in WWE’s future,” which some believe is a tacit admission that WrestleMania is being phased out in favor of some new attraction.

According to one anonymous source we randomly picked out from a crowd at Dairy Queen, the cancellation of WrestleMania “is possible, I guess.”

Added the source: “Sorry, what’s this for again?”


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