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This Unemployed Man Visited His Former Workplace — And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

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This disgruntled former employee of a Stamford-area company had a bone to pick with a former colleague!

Onlookers were stunned yesterday when a bedraggled and angry-looking man walked into his former workplace and gave one of his past colleagues a big surprise — in the form of a “gravestone pile-smasher!”

During a sudden but brief power outage, the disgruntled man sneaked up behind his former colleague — a notorious workplace bully identified as Barack Lester — and attacked him with the WWF-like maneuver!

Though the unemployed man’s name remains a mystery, witnesses said his ashen demeanour and dark, menacing eyes gave him the countenance of a “mortician.”

It is not yet known why the mysterious man became unemployed, though rumor has it he was fired due to a “streak” (naked dash) he performed at the company’s annual office party.

The entire brouhaha was filmed by a rotund, jowly man in a dark suit who identified himself as Paul E. Bearerously. His footage is below:



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