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Undertaker continues talk show circuit with Maury Povich paternity test

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Maury Povich tries to calm The Undertaker, who claims “he ain’t no babydaddy” in a paternity battle.

Fresh off his buzz-worthy appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, legendary professional wrestler The Undertaker continued on the TV talk show circuit by taking a paternity test on the Maury Povich Show.

After executing his patented tombstone piledriver on a man in a turkey costume on Fallon’s show, The Undertaker headed to Povich’s studio to determine whether it is he — not Mark Henry — who is is the biological sire of Mae Young’s baby hand.

The Undertaker was greeted with boos from Povich’s studio audience following video vignette that portrayed the so-called Deadman as a philanderer and “babydaddy” to numerous offspring (including, possibly, Lita’s miscarried rape-baby, previously assumed to be Kane’s).

“When it comes to 15-year-old Baby Hand,” Povich said, pausing for dramatic effect, “you are…. NOT… the father.”

With that, the Undertaker dropped to one knee, raised one hand in exaltation to some unseen power and, with eyes rolled back in his head, stuck out his serpentine tongue.

Povich then introduced his next guest, Dean Ambrose, to reveal the results of a lie detector test to determine how many breasts Ambrose had “mastered.”

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