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TNA launches “Don’t Watch This at Home” campaign

Don't Try this at HomeAfter receiving numerous complaints from dissatisfied viewers, TNA Wrestling has launched a series of public service announcements with the tagline: “Don’t Watch This at Home.”

Modelled after World Wrestling Entertainment’s ubiquitous “Don’t Try This at Home” campaign, TNA’s version reminds viewers that watching Impact Wrestling at home can result in boredom, frustration and disillusionment.

During the 15-second announcements, a narrator says: “People have fallen asleep, channels have been changed. Whatever you do, please, don’t watch this at home.”

A new report issued by the Home Safety Coalition indicates that watching TNA Wrestling at home has resulted in 15 comas in the past year, as well as thousands of cases of TVs getting smashed in frustration.

Many such incidents have coincided with TNA President Dixie Carter promising a “huge announcement,” but failing to deliver on the promise. 

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