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The Rock backs out of WrestleMania to film Tooth Fairy sequel

The Rock Wrestlemania

To reprise his role as The Tooth Fairy, The Rock has backed out of WrestleMania.

Professional wrestler and Hollywood star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has withdrawn from a scheduled match at WWE’s flagship pay-per-view, WrestleMania, in order to film a sequel to The Tooth Fairy.

Johnson, who is tentatively scheduled to face John Cena at the April 7 event, tweeted that the cancellation was “regrettable,” but that a Tooth Fairy sequel “takes precedence over everything else.”

The Rock’s absence from WrestleMania will sure affect its coverage in the mainstream media, and could mean diminished pay-per-view buys.

A recent survey, however, pointed out that a large segment of the WWE audience is already getting bored with the Rock’s schoolyard bullying and juvenile lingo like “cookiepuss” and “Twinkie tits.”

Interestingly, zero percent of WWE fans surveyed said they had seen the first Tooth Fairy movie, and none said they would watch its sequel.


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