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Study shows that any moron can technically be a “smart” wrestling fan


Among the 28 self-professed “smart fans” in this picture, most are¬†actually quite stupid.

Despite what the term implies, a “smart” wrestling fan — that is, one who understands the behind-the-scenes machinations and insider terminology of professional wrestling — can still be a complete moron, according to a new study.

Though wrestling fans have traditionally been divided into “marks” (those who accept its storylines and matches at face value) and “smart fans” (those who pride themselves on seeing through the facade), the rate of idiocy is roughly the same in both groups.

“Although many fans are indeed quite intelligent, some who profess to be ‘smart’ to the wrestling business are profoundly stupid in other measures,” reads the study, published this week in the American Journal of Group Psychology.

“In fact, some of the fans who perceive themselves to be the smartest about wrestling are the most imbecilic, both intellectually and socially.”

The study further concluded that self-proclaimed “smarks” tend to be lonely.

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