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Slim Jim Spokesman Honored by Pro Wrestling Company

Randy Savage hall of fame

Slim Jim Spokesman Randy Savage reportedly performed as a professional wrestler from time to time.

ConAgra Foods Inc., maker of the popular Slim Jim© brand of meat jerky snacks, is proud to announce that its longtime spokesperson, Randy Savage, will be honored by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for his occasional appearances in professional wrestling.

Savage, who inspired millions to “Snap Into a Slim Jim”© during his long tenure as spokesman for dried meat cylinders, will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, an imaginary museum of wrestlers.

“We at ConAgra Foods Inc. are very proud Mr. Savage for earning this unique honor,” said company president Gary Bombin.

“We are delighted that he was able to parlay his fame as a Slim Jim spokesman into success in other ventures.”

Mr. Savage is already an inductee into the Dried Sausage Snack Advertisers of America Hall of Fame.

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