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Sin Cara’s entrance trampoline donated to playground

Sin Cara trampoline

Sin Cara flies over the top rope in a trampoline-assisted feat that would be the highlight of his matches.

Sources within WWE report that the small trampoline used by Mexican wrestler Sin Cara to make his spectacular over-the-top-rope ring entrances has been donated to a playground in Stamford, CT.

“We didn’t need it anymore,” said an anonymous source in the company. “It was a goofy idea from the get-go.”

Despite debuting to much fanfare, Sin Cara quickly became an underwhelming entity in WWE, failing to deliver matches that were as exciting as his trampoline-assisted somersault entrances.

Sin Cara’s WWE tenure has been plagued with botched moves, re-takes, and a confusing plotline in which he feuded with an evil version of himself.

Children who live in a Stamford suburb are reportedly loving their playground’s new trampoline, and they “look a lot less ridiculous than Sin Cara when they use it,” according to one mother.




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