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Sid finally ready to re-attempt second-rope jump

sid legProfessional wrestler Sid Vicious (a.k.a. Sid Justice, Sycho Sid, Sin Cara) said today that, after 15 years of physical and emotional recovery, he is finally ready to retry the second-rope hop that infamously snapped his tibia and fibula on live television.

“Let’s do this,” tweeted Vicious this morning, accompanied by the hashtag #BackOnTheHorse.

His graphic 2001 injury has become known as one of the most sickening “botches” in wrestling history, even more disturbing and hard to watch than Jim Ross in a rap-off.

For more than 15 years, Sid has suffered severe anxiety in the presence of stepladders, footstools, ropes, and Scott Steiner (though the latter is possibly unrelated to the injury).

At an independent wrestling event tonight in Tennessee, however, Sid plans to finally get vindication by leaping from the second rope and — if all goes well — only shattering his ankle.

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