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Shane Douglas “invades” local McDonald’s unnoticed

Shane Douglas invades

Shane Douglas shouts taunts from audience at WWE Raw, completely unheard over the noise of the crowd.

Former ECW star Shane Douglas recently staged an “invasion” of a local McDonald’s restaurant wearing a lucha libre mask, but failed to attract any attention.

Apparently trying to generate buzz for an independent wrestling show on which he will soon perform, Douglas has been “invading” a number of public places to little avail.

One patron at the McDonald’s was temporarily distracted from eating his Big Mac, thought he recognized Douglas, and remarked: “Hey, isn’t that Terry Taylor?”

Douglas’ most prominent (yet still largely ineffectual) invasion happened in the live audience at a recent WWE Raw event, when he removed his mask and inspired a half-dozen middle-aged men to listlessly chant “E-C-DUB” for a minute or so.

Douglas says he plans to soon invade a local supermarket and his dentist’s office before calling it a day and invading his own bed.

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